by Hollow Breath

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released June 27, 2014

Recorded in May 2014 at Artisan Studio in Oklahoma City, OK
Engineered/mixed by Jacob Michael Scott
Art/layout by Tyson Luneau

Twitter/Instagram: @HollowBreathHC



all rights reserved
Track Name: Reality
Pull that trigger, let the bullet pull me down. Just do it.
Leave me face down in my own blood, this is where I belong.
There's no hope for me.
Because at the end of the day, I'd rather be rotting in the ground
Than walking around those walking sacks of shit you call people
My existence has no meaning, my life has no purpose
My future is bleak
Track Name: Harbors
These burdens weigh me down, leaving me to sink into the depths of this ocean.
My spirit sinks below these harbors, crushing my bones, leaving them to turn to dust.
There is no light that shines on me to show me the way.
No sun shines on me, only darkness surrounds me.
I am left to sink to the depths below these harbors.
In this darkness, I found nothing but myself, alone.
Swimming to the top, trying to gasp for air.
My spirit sinks below me, below these harbors
My mind now rests at peace.
Only in my mind can I let my spirit soar
Only in my mind can I be free
Only in my mind can I be me
Now I rise above
Track Name: Abuse
Day in, day out
Every single night I blame myself
I blame myself for what I am
Hopelessly searching for the key
No answers to be found
I can't seem to find who I am
Losing myself in the daily struggle to come on top
Time and patience are wearing thin
Breaking me down to nothing
Self-abuse of the mind is what I endure
Black out my thoughts before they wear me away
Until I am nothing
My time and patience are wearing thin
Bringing me down to my knees
Take me out of this misery
I wake up only to look into the mirror with disgust
I don't know how much more I can take
Before I break
Track Name: Rot
I am so cold, rotting away in my own world.
I put myself here
I have no soul, I will burn in hell for speaking my mind
The sun refuses to shine down on me
My grave is now my home
This is my fate, I refuse to struggle
Accept the fate and let darkness consume you
My soul has no value, my spirit is broken
My body ceases to exist
All hope is lost as I lay here to rot