by Hollow Breath

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These three tracks will be featured on an upcoming 11-song LP, titled "Black Path." Label and release date is TBA. These will be released on a promotional cassette, limited to 50, for our 2015 North American Tour (USA/Canada/Mexico).


released May 23, 2015

Recorded at The Closet Studios in Bixby, OK in May 2015. Engineered & mixed by Jacob Michael Scott.



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Track Name: Waste of Time
trying to grab a piece of mind
anything to make me not lose time
focus on everything to not miss anything
I'm burning myself alive

what happened to sincerity and serenity?
of being at peace?
no more time for single actions
something more than this fifteen seconds

living in the moment has become a gift
those who find it enlightened by it

can't you look up for just another minute
to try at the real world, see if you regret it

I stray away from looking into space
look towards brighter days
away from this place
Track Name: Death Grips
while you scream
I'll give you the truth
I don't feel a thing when I pull this trigger

and when you look back
on all the times we were side by side
I hope you had peace of mind
because I did even when you chose
to push me behind

all I ever needed was for you
to have a little faith in me

I won't say sorry for what I've become
but I will say sorry for the changes I made
cutting you out was the best mistake
pushing you aside to break my chains

I never felt a thing
when I pulled that trigger
leaving you behind
made it even clearer
Track Name: Blink of an Eye
Blink of an eye, my life is gone
Wish i could change it all
Fix all the things i did wrong
Never gonna live with the rope
Stopping that regret
Not gonna end up in that prison again.
Head's under the gun, but the noose is still around my neck
Not risking a thing, but still killing myself

Whats the point to a life that doesn't take the risk?
Barrel pointed to my head, never swinging dead

Blink of an eye, another memory passed
Wasting more time, dreaming of my past

So keep on dreaming , never actin
See how far you get away from your executioners platform
No way out with no risks taken

burn that rope
leave that past
burn that rope