"In Pittsfield, There is No Law" (Hollow Breath​/​Warrior Prince Split 7")

by Hollow Breath

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7" available on RAT TRAX RECORDS

Hear the Warrior Prince side of the split here:


released May 22, 2015

Recorded in October 2014 at The Closet Studios in Bixby, Oklahoma. Engineered/mixed/mastered by Jacob Michael Scott.
Guest vocals on "Forced Order" by Jacob Michael Scott



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Track Name: Time's Tide
Time is a face on the water
A face i can't change.
The wave i can't escape
it doesn't have a face but it has a name
it clips at my heels
surface tension never breaks
but as it wraps around me i know for a fact
that i'll never escape
never escape, this fate.
Time's tides keeping me down
but its blade, keeps me level
whittling down, shaving me out
another wasted cut
so i look forward for something to strive for
to pick me up, to die for
but these demons wracking at my brain
driving me insane
can't change what you can't face
the flow of time is always cruel.
Track Name: Broken Glass
Spit, Spit your lies
again and again as the cracks fractal beneath you
as you see what we choose to
and as we use what we need to
and you take from those who love you
and i swear you'll crumble to what you succumb to
Say it, say it again
the way you turned you back and called me a friend
the steps taken to push you away
the moves made to poison a name
Broken glass never seemed that clear
but as you peered, there was something you feared
A broken promise, a lie a mistake
a series of actions an unfortunate mistake
the glass cracks again and the perspective is changed
you see what you want to it will never stay the same
choosing to see through the lies
because ignorance is bliss
you see only the crimes, never the gifts
me, i'll adjust my pane
replace the cracks with clarity and change
so say it, say it again as the glass falls beneath you
Track Name: Forced Order
A broken name
something that you can't replace

shattered glass
the only the lighting his face

an unkown man, cause and effect
left to waste

another time, another place
the cycles the same
the sacrifice for progress
will never change

all the matters is who you are
and what game you play

pawn or king
no inbetween
lead or die
give or give in

A penny taken
a penny earned

that penny stolen
and never heard

a man hanging from the noose
another soul never heard

so what do we stay for?
a right to balance?
something to fight for?
give or give in

so what do we stay for?
there's no right to balance
nothing to fight for

take a shot in the dark
look for something to strive for
the darkness will show you the path
something we always fall for

So what do we stay for?
there's no right to balance
nothing to fight for
give in give up

take a shot in the dark
i'll show you fear
i'll show you death
in the palm of my hand